Parent Council

Parent Council

Below you will find links to the most recent agendas and minutes for the Parent Council meetings.

January 21st 2020 Minutes

June 19th 2019   Agenda

May 14th 2019   Agenda  Minutes

March 18th 2019    Agenda  Minutes

January 23rd 2019    Agenda    Minutes revised

November 6th 2018  Agenda    Minutes

September 17th 2018 AGM Agenda  Minutes

August 27th 2018  Notes  from meeting

June 20th 2018  Agenda    Minutes

May 15th 2018  Agenda   Minutes

March 19th 2018   Agenda   Minutes

January 22nd 2018 Agenda   Minutes

November 8th 2017  Agenda  Minutes

September 18th 2017 AGM Agenda   Minutes

June 14th 2017 Agenda  Minutes

May 8th 2017  Agenda Minutes

March 6th 2017  Minutes  Agenda

December 5th 2016  Minutes   Agenda

September 19th 2016 AGM Minutes Agenda

June 6th 2016 Minutes Agenda

March 20th 2016 Minutes Agenda

January 25th 2016 Agenda  Minutes

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