Arriving at Alford Community Campus

Arriving at Alford Community Campus

With the Campus opening to pupils for the fist time tomorrow, we would like to remind parents and carers of the arrangements regarding vehicle and pedestrian access.

If you are coming onto the campus by vehicle, whether bus or car, you will use the western vehicle entrance. If you are arriving on foot or by bicycle, you should use the eastern entrance nearest the village. We ask that cyclists dismount, and push their bicycles up the winding path beside the steps. As well as separate bus/coach parking, the campus has a large car park, bicycle shelters and a drop off point right outside the main entrance.

Please keep everyone safe, by using access routes to the campus as they are designed to be used.

It can be seen clearly on the plan below that the design of the campus access points is deliberately aimed at keeping vehicles and pedestrians/cyclists well apart, for the safety of all campus users. Any use of the ski centre car park as an unofficial car park or drop off point for the campus will undermine this design, and will increase the risk to those in and around the campus, by increasing vehicle traffic unnecessarily on the section of road which will be most frequently used by many in the Alford community, both young and not so young, who will be walking or cycling up to the campus.Car and Pedestrain Access Graphic

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