S3-5 Course Choice Consultation 2019 – 2020

S3-5 Course Choice Consultation 2019 – 2020

In 2019 all S3, 4 and 5 pupils will make informed decisions about the learning pathway that they wish to take as they progress to the next stage of their education at Alford Academy. In order to help with their planning for the future all S3 – S5 pupils will be asked to complete the online course choice consultation to provide information about their desired learning pathway.

The Course Choice Consultation forms are live and can be accessed via the link below for your child’s correct stage.

S3 into S4

S4 into S5

S5 into S6

Pupils will have the opportunity to complete their course choice consultation in school and they are  encouraged to discuss this at home with parents and carers.

Please complete the form above if you haven’t already done so. An opportunity to do this in school will be provided this week.

Many thanks.

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