Health and Wellbeing Week

Health and Wellbeing Week

Kindness Wall : Remember to plan, implement, and pass on a random act of kindness.  The kindness wall can be used for ideas (display opposite the theatre) and claim your house point by providing evidence and sharing your act with a teacher.

Wellbeing Tree : Many thanks for the feedback we received from you all in relation to what you learned and what you would like to learn with regards to health and wellbeing.  The information is displayed on our wellbeing tree (opposite guidance offices), please go and have a read of the comments.

Thanks again to all staff and pupils who were involved in the organisation and delivery of the events.  We are working to plan when the outdoor activities, that didn’t run due to the weather last week, are taking place and will share information with you via the bulletin and boards next to the theatre as soon as possible.

Mrs J Munro

Mrs Gerrie

Diane Forbes

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