Shared Stories: A Year in the Cairngorms

Shared Stories: A Year in the Cairngorms





Some of our young writers welcomed the first ever Cairngorms National Park writer in residence Merryn Glover to Alford Academy on Tuesday afternoon as part of the Shared Stories: A Year in the Cairngorms project.  This project aims to encourage people to put pen to paper to share and explore the ways in which people and nature thrive together in the Cairngorms National Park.

Part of our workshop was spent using our outdoor learning space where our writers had a chance to describe their surroundings and tune into their senses before working on creating some Cairngorms lyrics.  We also explored Scots Nature Words and learned more about forms of poetry.

Our young writers were a credit to themselves and they will have the opportunity yet to submit any work for an anthology which is to be published later this year.


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