“Share the Air” Informal coffee and conversation with Parents/Carers

“Share the Air” Informal coffee and conversation with Parents/Carers

‘Share the Air’ – Informal coffee and conversation with Parents/Carers

Tuesday evening’s engagement session was a very informative and collaborative meeting organised by Moira Milne and in partnership with Alford Academy Parent Council. Attended by parents representing S1 to S6, it was a wonderful opportunity to learn how the school was performing and to work together and share ideas on school improvement plans and “Building the Ambition” for Alford Academy.

Some of the ideas/topics we discussed included;

• School communications and participation of parent/carers at meetings
• Use of positive former pupil success stories to inspire and connect with current pupils
• Mentoring/coaching matching programs by parents across a broad spectrum of business/professional/industry backgrounds
• Study skill workshops – for both parents and pupils to gain a deeper understanding of what support is needed during the exam years

Parental engagement is key to the development and success of our young people so we really want to hear from parents from across our school community. Building an ambitious culture across the school requires the involvement of us all, please come to the next engagement session or parent council meeting to learn more and share your ideas. These engagement sessions are very informal and open for everyone to share their ideas and meet other parents over a cuppa.

If you have any questions/ideas please feel free to contact either Moira Milne (alford.aca@aberdeenshire.gov.uk) or Alford Parent Council (alfordaca.pc@outlook.com).

I look forward to seeing you at the next session.

Ingrid (S2 parent)

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