Performing Arts Faculty Extra-Curricular Programme for 2019-20

Performing Arts Faculty Extra-Curricular Programme for 2019-20

Please find below the list of extra-curricular activities available for the forthcoming academic session.


  • Choir.  Monday lunchtime (13:30) Music Department (Mrs Hunter)
  • Drama Club.  Monday after school ( 15:45-16:45) Drama Studio (Miss Murray) *
  • Battle of the Bands. Monday after school ( 15:45-17:00) Music Department (Mr Trueman)*
  • Folk Band. Tuesday lunchtime (13:30) Music Department (Mr Trueman)
  • Musical Theatre Group. Tuesday after school ( 15:45-16:45) Music Department (Mrs Hunter)*
  • Song writing Club. Wednesday lunchtime (13:30) Music Department (Mr Trueman)
  • Orchestra.  Thursday lunchtime (13:30) Music Department (Mr Light)
  • Pipe Band. Thursday lunchtime: (13:30) Drama Studio (Mr Dallas)
  • Film Club. Friday lunchtime (13:30) Drama Studio (Miss Murray)


*Fee payable.  Two payments of £10 due September / January.  Please note that if a pupil wishes to join Battle of the Bands/Drama Club and Musical Theatre, there will only be one fee applied (i.e. £10 due September and £10 in January).  Both consent forms however must be filled in and returned to the teacher leading the activity.


After-school activities will begin on the week beginning 9th September.

Further information can be obtained from Mr Trueman or the teachers listed above for each activity.

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