Daily Bulletin Friday 30 August 2019

Daily Bulletin Friday 30 August 2019

Pupil Photographs: The School Photographer will be in school on Monday. School uniform – including ties – must be worn. Hoodies etc must be removed for the photograph. You will be released from lessons in your class during the periods detailed below.

Period 1 = S5 pupils
Period 2 = S1 pupils
Period 3 = S2 pupils
Period 4 = S3 pupils
Period 5 = S4 pupils
Period 6 = S6 pupils (* PE pupils to report to Theatre straight after registration)

Period 7 Catch Up Session: If you miss your photo at your allocated slot please report to the Theatre at 14:55 pm sharp.

Pupils will be issued with order forms to take home. Photos can be ordered online or by returning the completed order form to the pupil drop box.

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