Gray’s School of Art Short Courses: Portfolio Building Course

Gray’s School of Art Short Courses: Portfolio Building Course

The Portfolio Building Saturday course starts September 14th and will provide guidance and instruction on preparing a portfolio for application to full-time Art and Design courses.

Why choose a Portfolio Building course at Gray’s School of Art?

  • Access to archive student portfolios and sketchbooks.
  • Support with digital portfolios and personal statements.
  • Great studio facilities. Great library facility.
  • One to one tailored tuition and references supplied on request.

Students will have the opportunity to explore and develop their skills within a variety of practical disciplines:

  • Choosing the right course at University or College.
  • Support with personal statement and reference.
  • Research methods, development of ideas.
  • Sketchbook preparation.
  • Problem solving.
  • Portfolio preparation and presentation.
  • Digital portfolio advice.
  • Interview skills.

Individual guidance on student portfolios will be given and exemplar folios will be available to illustrate content and quality of portfolio submissions. Students will develop a range of meaningful sketchbooks, vital to a successful portfolio. Students should be aware that the class will provide guidance and processes to support their folio development, with the understanding that they create further outcomes in their own time through private study.

Students will experience working directly from the artist’s life model to raise the overall standard of their observational drawing and compositional skills.

The minimum age requirement for this course is 16 years old.

You can find more information about the course here, or in the brochure.

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