Clubs at Alford Academy

Clubs at Alford Academy

As you may know, Alford Academy has a wide variety of clubs ranging from football to songwriting, there is something for everyone. Please take a look at the list below and see if anything interests you. It is really important that you take all the opportunities presented to you at school so that you enjoy yourself and reach your full potential. Feel free to try as many clubs as you wish, but some require consent forms so make sure you fill them out if required.

Thank you.

The Student Council

Club Name Year Group Day Time Venue Cost/Booking
Choir S1-S6 Monday 1.30pm A1-09 Free
Drama Club S1-S6 Monday 3.45-4.45pm Drama Studio Free
Battle of the bands S1-S6 Monday 3.45-5pm Music Department Free
Social Group S1-S6 Monday 1.10-1.50pm Campus Rooms Free
Netball S1-S3


Monday 4-5pm


Sports Hall Free
Boys Football S3


Monday 3.50-5pm Astroturf Free- Consent form from PE/Mr McKay
Running Club S1-S6 Monday 4-5pm Meet in PE Free
Folk Band S1-S6 Tuesday 1.30pm Music Department Free
Eco Group S1-S6 Tuesday 1.30pm C1-36 Free
Musical Theatre S1-S6 Tuesday 3.45-4.45pm Music Department Free
Boys Football S2 Tuesday 1.20-2pm Astroturf Free- Consent from PE
Hockey S1-S6 Tuesday 3.40-5pm Astroturf Free- Consent from PE
Song Writing Club S1-S6 Wednesday 1.30pm A1-08 Free
Student Council S1-S6 Wednesday 1.30pm C1-30 Free
Rockwall S1-S6 Wednesday 4-5.30pm Gymnasium *Starting up after October break*
Interact S1-S6 Thursday 1.30pm B1-23 Free
Orchestra S1-S6 Thursday 1.30pm Music Classrooms Free
Pipe Band S1-S6 Thursday 1.30pm Drama Studio (meet in music research area) Free
Social Group S1-S6 Thursday 1.10-1.50pm D0-67 Free
Animation Club S1-S6 Thursday 1.30pm Art Room 1 Free
Boccia S1-S6 Thursday 1.20-1.50pm Dance Studio Free
Parkour S1-S6 Thursday 1.20-2pm Gymnasium Free- Consent from PE
Boys Football S1 Thursday 1.20-2pm Astroturf Free- Consent from PE
Girls Football S1-S6 Thursday 3-4.30pm Astroturf Free- Consent from PE
Dungeons and Dragons S1-S6 Friday 1.30pm D0-61 Free
Forensic Science S1-S6 Friday 1.30pm B1-25 Free
Film Club S1-S6 Friday 1.30pm Drama Studio Free


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