Sponsored Walk 2019 – Information for Friday

Sponsored Walk 2019 – Information for Friday

The weather forecast for Friday is looking good and the sponsored walk is on!

S1-S5 Pupils: On Friday, please go to your normal SDA classroom to register for 08:40 prompt. You will be given a walker card and bus ticket, please wait in room until your class is advised by tannoy to report to your bus.

S6 Pupils: Please report to Dining Hall at 08:40 prompt to register and pick up Patrol packs. If on a patrol point, please remember to take a camping chair.

It is important that all pupils (including S6) dress appropriately for the weather conditions. Wear layers, trainers/boots with thick soles and bring a warm top/hoodie (and a waterproof jacket if weather appears changeable). Remember to take snacks and water/juice to drink or take money to buy brownies/sweets. If you have medication such as an epi pen or inhaler you must carry it with you.

Non Walkers: Please register in your SDA class first, you will then be asked to report to C1-33 to study. Remember to wear your uniform and have your textbooks and work from teachers as outlined in your non walker timetable for periods 1-5.

All Pupils: Lunch and P6 classes will be in school as normal. Have a great day!

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