Daily Bulletin – Wednesday 6 November

Daily Bulletin – Wednesday 6 November

Young Musician: There will be a short meeting for all competitors in the Young Musician of the Year Award at Friday breaktime in Mr Trueman’s room.  If you cannot attend, please inform Mrs Rees-Jenkins or Mr Trueman beforehand.

This week is Dyslexia Awareness Week and the theme of the week is ‘Building Independence for Life’.  We want to raise awareness and show how, with the right support, children and adults with dyslexia can achieve their full potential. 

Dyslexia affects 1 in 10 people and means that you process information differently, particularly around reading, writing and numbers. People with dyslexia often see things in a different way and have strong problem-solving and creative skills.

Dyslexia is not a barrier and in fact can help you in reaching your potential.  Have a look at the ‘famous people with dyslexia’ posters that are being displayed on the tv screens around the school which share some information on what it’s like to live with dyslexia.

Keira Knightley, Actor

It doesn’t mean that you’re stupid… it just means that you work in a different way

Richard Branson, Entrepreneur

Being dyslexic can also help in the outside world.  I see some things clearer than other people do.

Marketing and Branding Group: Can all Marketing and Branding members meet for a regroup with Mr McCance and Mrs Forsyth in E1- 59 (Art Room1) at lunch time 13.45 today please. We will be discussing a future event with a professional Graphic Designer and timetabling our new strategy for the school re-branding.

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