Daily Bulletin – Thursday 7 November

Daily Bulletin – Thursday 7 November

Dyslexia Week:

Tips to support your learning:

Having a literacy difficulty or dyslexia does not mean that you are not intelligent, you simply learn in a different way. Here are some strategies that you can use to support your learning….

–   Use ICT – did you know that in ‘New Solutions’ you can right click and select ‘Read Aloud’, the information will then be read to you

–   Create pictures and use practical tasks to help you remember information

–   Break the task in to small manageable ‘chunks’ – complete one step at a time.

– Access classroom supports to help you e.g. word banks, multiplication squares

Use discussion tasks to help check your learning and demonstrate your knowledge

Box Fit Circuits:

Active Schools and Elevate-U-Fitness are pleased to offer a new Box Fit Circuits after school class open to all pupils. It will start on Wednesday 13th November from 4-5pm in the Dance Studio. The cost of the 5 week block is £20.  The classes will be a mixture of boxing drills, bodyweight exercises, cardio and flexibility. All fitness levels welcome. To sign up for the class please collect a consent form from Kerry or Jennie in PE.

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