S2 French Treasure Hunt

S2 French Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt 

We really enjoyed our French lesson last Tuesday ( 4/02/2020) as we did a Treasure hunt in order to practice our past-tense and the holiday topic. 

Four of us went first to hide the different short messages that had been written by our class previously- while we were all looking at their French equivalent in class- in different teams. 


Then, the whole class went outside and the different teams looked for the different notes and tried to match them.

This was great and was really good practice! We really learned a lot out  of it!


Here is what few of us thought about it:


‘It was fun, learnt new french words and will use it for work’-Eva

‘Interesting, learnt new french and will use it for future jobs’-Sophie

‘Super, learnt new words and will use it for speaking french’-Antonio

‘Great, learnt french word and will use it for when she goes to france’-Zoe

‘Epic, I learnt French and will use it for when going to France’-Edward

Darcie ( S2  French pupil ) .


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