Alford Academy students who currently go to Nescol – update.

Alford Academy students who currently go to Nescol – update.

NESCOL – Update for students taking part in the school college link programme.

SCHOOL/COLLEGE WORK (DURING COVID-19): Information for Local Authorities, Teachers, & Skills Development Scotland (SDS)
Directed by evolving national guidance, North East Scotland College continues to take positive action to continue to deliver key services. Although face-to-face teaching was suspended on Monday 16th March, the delivery of teaching and support has moved on line. Whilst our campuses have closed to students, staff and visitors, the College’s work continues and we are committed to ensure that all our students stay connected to us and their peers, and that they continue to work with us during these very challenging circumstances.
All pupils have a College email account which they access by using their Student ID number. They can email their lecturers or the Schools Liaison Team if they have any questions about course work, their progress or if they wish support. If pupils do not know their Student ID number or password, the Schools Liaison Team can assist them if they email
Pupils are also able to communicate with their lecturers, access course materials and submit coursework and assessments through the use of Blackboard.
The link to blackboard –
Pupils sign in with their student and normal password.
For those that have not accessed Blackboard yet password support is available via this link –
It is important that you let us know if there are any pupils who may be struggling to access resources online due to data limitations or lack of access to a device. Contact the Schools Liaison Team ASAP on
Pupils can also access a range of support services relevant to their needs. For example:
IT Support: how to log in, how to save work securely, how to keep safe online etc..
Curriculum Support: digital learning hints & tips, finding the materials you need, understanding subject specific content, how to complete & submit
course work, how to engage effectively with others online, developing study skills, referencing, preparation for assessment etc..
Additional Support for Learning: we have curriculum and support staff who can arrange online support sessions tailored to individual need.
Next Steps Guidance and Advice: staff are available to discuss courses and funding options for our 20/21 intake.
Please contact the Schools Liaison Team on any of the above. Please encourage pupils to do the same.
Guidance and deadlines for completing course work are available on Blackboard. Despite the disruption to face-to-face teaching, staff remain committed to ensure pupils have every opportunity to complete their award. Although exams have been cancelled, assessments have not. It is very important that pupils complete their course work as this will be used by lecturers to evaluate performance. Pupils should check Blackboard for further details appropriate to their course.
Please be reassured that College staff are working continuously with all Awarding Bodies to agree a way forward to ensure a sound certification model for 2019/20. Further information will be provided once this model has been agreed.
We are still accepting and processing applications for all our full time and part time courses! Pupils interested in our full time offer should access our website for further information and details on how to apply
If pupils and/or parents or guardians are seeking help and advice about full time study options, they can access information from staff in our Student Advice Centre
For pupils who have already applied to one of our full time courses and have not heard from us yet – please be assured that we are on it! College staff are able to process applications remotely and applicants will get details on what happens next very soon. Face to face interviews will not take place. If an interview is essential, these will be completed online or by telephone.
For Full Time Exceptional Entry applicants, to avoid undue delay, applications are being processed without the customary consent forms being submitted at this moment in time. Relevant forms will be completed at a later date.
As a result of the exam diet being cancelled, where pupils have received a conditional offer based on the achievement of Highers/National 5s or similar, we will be accepting any close equivalents.
Applications for School College Links programmes will be dealt with as usual, via our School Links page on the website.
Applications for our Supported Learning Programmes can be downloaded from our website and submitted via email to the Schools Liaison Team.
We’ll be in touch! As valued partners, the College is keen to maintain and extend the successful delivery of school/College provision. We hope you have found the information above useful. All of us at NESCol are working hard to ensure no student is disadvantaged as a result of this difficult situation we all find ourselves in. PLEASE PASS IT ON TO PUPILS & PARENTS/GUARDIANS! PLEASE STAY IN TOUCH!

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