Welcome back

Welcome back

Good morning everyone on Monday 20 April 2020

I hope you are all feeling well and have managed to enjoy your holidays as best you can.  I understand how not coming into school or being able to meet up with friends and other members of your family is really challenging for us all but sadly this is how it has to be for at least the next three weeks.  However, today is the start of a new term and time to get our on-line learning started again.   Make sure you have a good routine and that you are up in the morning and have a plan for your day.  Keep checking this school blog, your Glow e-mail addresses and Google classrooms for information.  We understand it’s not always easy to access technology.  Do what you can, when you can and please get in touch with school if we can help.

Technology helps keep us connected however it is important that you get the balance right and limit your time sitting at a screen, make sure you are active.  Go practice your dance moves, do the ‘keepie-up’ toilet roll challenge, so far I have only managed 9 but I’ll keep trying.   There’s always lots you can do when you think about it.

How you are feeling is really important to us all, please remember we are here if you need to contact us during the school day.

Over the past weeks I’ve been hearing stories about ‘heroes’ in our local community.  They include some of our pupils being really kind and helpful whilst keeping themselves very safe.  Well done to all of you who are giving a helping hand at home!

Work hard this week and take care to keep safe and well.

Mrs Milne

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