Alford Academy’s big ‘shout out’ today…

Alford Academy’s big ‘shout out’ today…

As many of us will take part in the national Clap For Our Carers at 8 pm tonight, let’s have a special ‘applause’ in there for all the doctors, nurses, other healthcare staff and all other keyworkers who are members of our community. On behalf of Alford Academy, a huge “thank you” to you all for everything you are doing.

Today, as we switch off for the weekend, I also want to ‘shout out’ to our parents and carers. I greatly appreciate your positive messages of thanks and encouragement and a very special thank you for all your effort, with the different pressures of current family life, to encourage your youngsters with their learning at home. Thank you parents and carers.

A final big ‘shout out ‘ today to everyone for working together during these past five ‘school’ weeks of being at home, working and learning. It definitely has its challenges and there’s some amazing work going on. Well done to our young people.

Please switch off now and I hope you can all enjoy the weekend ahead.

Mrs Milne

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