Monday 18 May 2020. Good morning. Buongiorno. Goedemorgen (Dutch).

Monday 18 May 2020. Good morning. Buongiorno. Goedemorgen (Dutch).


Everyday is becoming a bad hair day…. let’s keep smiling 😊

It’s Monday morning, we have another week of learning ahead , so let’s do this!   I am so impressed by the work you and our teachers are doing, it’s a great team effort, well done!  Our S1s and S2s will move forward with their learning over the course of the week, you will have an e-mail about this.  Pease get in touch if you feel you need some help, we’re here for you.  ‘Behind the scenes’ there is lots of work going on, including planning how we will celebrate your achievements this year when we cannot have our usual whole school and House Awards Ceremonies, we are also planning on-line interviews for our pupil leadership roles over the coming weeks.  A very special thought to our Session 2019-20 S6 (and S4 and S5 leavers) this morning, we will be continue to keep in touch with you, I do hope you are all well.  If you need us please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I plan to speak to each of you over the coming weeks.

Being brilliant every day is hard work and even harder just now.  However many of you are, keep your learning moving forwards and if you have any ideas or stories about Honesty, Hard work, Ambition, Respect and Kindness, please get in touch. Have a good week.😊

Mrs Milne

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