Explore Dentistry event for S4 – S6 pupils

Explore Dentistry event for S4 – S6 pupils

Reach Tayside are delighted to inform you that our annual Explore Dentistry session will take place on Thursday 18 June from 1pm – 4.30pm on Microsoft Teams. We have been busy preparing and planning to provide your pupils with an informative online session, and hope they can join us!

What is Explore Dentistry?

The Explore Dentistry event is for S4 – S6 pupils, and aims to explore the dental profession and life at dental school. Pupils will learn what it is like to be a dental student, get an insight into the curriculum, meet current dental students (virtually!) and find out about the application process for studying dentistry at university.

Usually, we would run this session on campus, and give pupils the opportunity to take part in some interactive clinical activities, but given the current situation around COVID-19, this just isn’t a possibility at the moment. However, we will still be able to talk pupils through some dental procedures, using a number of videos, show them the kind of instruments used for these procedures, and our team of dental students can give pupils an insight into using these procedures on real patients! There is a huge learning opportunity here, and will give pupils excellent experiences to reflect on in their personal statements later on!

As mentioned above, this year’s Explore Dentistry event will take place on Microsoft Teams! This online platform will give us the opportunity to deliver our usual presentations, share videos and resources with pupils, and allow them to ask our dental students and the Reach officer any questions they might have! Microsoft Teams can be accessed via web browser or through the Microsoft Teams app, and tends to work best with Glow email accounts.

Interested pupils should email reach@dundee.ac.uk and must be registered with the Reach Tayside project.

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