How to Contact Your Guidance Teacher

How to Contact Your Guidance Teacher

When you return to school this week (or are coming for the first time!) you hopefully will appreciate that some things will work a little differently than they used to. One of these things is how you can contact your Guidance teacher if you need help.

We absolutely still want to see you and help you out, but we can’t just have you dropping by on the off-chance that we are free anymore. So, we are going to come to you..

We’ve set up an online form – one for each of the houses. If you wish to see your Guidance teacher, and if it can’t wait until we see you in PSE, then fill out the form. It’s totally confidential and only your Guidance teacher will see it. You’ll get a confirmation that the form has been sent and we’ll get an email letting us know.

You can fill out the form from home or during the school day. (You can also still ask any of your teachers to contact us if you feel you need to see someone urgently)

Once we get your request, we’ll come and find you and have a chat. We won’t be making appointments as our day can change very quickly.

Craigievar Form

Forbes Form

Glenbuchat Form

Kildrummy Form

You will also find links to these forms in your PSE Google Classrooms (or Transition Classroom if you are in S1)

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