Link to request a locker

Link to request a locker

The schools lockers have now been cleared, cleaned and sanitized for pupils to begin using them again from Monday of next week.

It is important that parents do not request a locker on behalf of their child.  You are welcome to support them in applying, but it must be the pupil who accepts the conditions of use.  It also prevents both parent and child both requesting lockers!

We will continue to use the paperless request system we piloted last year.

We recommend that S5/6 pupils request top row lockers, and S1/2 pupils request bottom row lockers.

To request a locker pupils must complete an online form which can be found by clicking here.  Pupils should only begin to use the locker when they receive a confirmation email.

This session, lockers may be shared by members of the same household, and we would ask that families coordinate who applies if there is a plan to share.

It is important to make use of the lockers to store school bags during social times.  Pupils must not leave bags unattended on or off campus. 

Your support in reminding pupils that leaving bags unattended is socially unacceptable is appreciated.

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