Cyber Discovery Virtual Workshop

Cyber Discovery Virtual Workshop

Some of our S3 pupils and our Cyber Security class were able to take part in a Cyber Security Virtual Workshop.

Euan tells us about his experience “On Monday the 21st of September, our National 5 Cyber Security class took part in an Interactive Quiz hosted by Cyber Discovery.  We learned about types of cyber attacks and attackers before participating in a nation-wide quiz, where one student placed 3rd.  The event was, all in all, a great experience for our class and we all had a great time.

Alex commented “We did a quiz, it was mostly an opinion-based poll thing where she asked what you thought of something and then gave an explanation like how many accounts you use, if you use secure passwords and what the difference between ethical and unethical hackers is”.

Hopefully this experience will encourage more people to think about a career in Cyber Security.  Well done everyone!

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