Daily Bulletin Tuesday 10 November

Daily Bulletin Tuesday 10 November

Remembrance week.

Each day the Interact group are sharing a story from the ‘The great war’ and following conflicts.  For 102 years we have remembered those that we have lost.  These are just a handful of examples but we have been moved by learning about each of them and their bravery.

our 2nd story:

Alan Deere.  The kiwi spitfire ace:  Air commodore Alan Christopher “Al” Deere was New Zealand’s top scoring fighter ace during the 2nd world war with 22 confirmed kills. Despite his amazing feat, he’s most known for his numerous close death experiences. For example, during the Battle of Britain his plane was destroyed 4 times and yet he managed to bail out each time. His amazing airmanship turned the tide of multiple battles and he was written into the history books as a war hero.

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