Daily Bulletin Wednesday 11 November

Daily Bulletin Wednesday 11 November

Remembrance week.

Each day the Interact group are sharing a story from the ‘The great war’ and following conflicts.  For 102 years we have remembered those that we have lost.  These are just a handful of examples but we have been moved by learning about each of them and their bravery.

our 3rd story:

Local Hero, Christopher Chappell and Family:  This soldier is related to one of the students in the school. He was one of six brothers who joined the Second World War in 1943. One of his brothers, Eric, didn’t make it back and died in Italy. He was a lineman, his job was to get one phone line to the other. He managed to get a phone line 13 miles into enemy territory and get back alive. He received the military medal. His son Raymond Chappell got the same medal in the South African border war.

Bus Pupils: A reminder to all bus pupils that you should be sitting in the same seat on the bus on your journeys to and from school. Senior pupils are to sit at the back of the bus and younger pupils at the front. We will be monitoring this at the end of the school day. Also please remember that you must wear a face covering at all times on the bus. Please help us to do all we can to keep everyone safe. Thank you.

Children in Need 2020:

On Friday the school will be raising funds for Children in Need.  Pupils can ‘dress down’ and wear their best PJs and donate to Children in Need.  Pupils will come round classes P1 to collect donations, please follow covid guidelines when handing over your donation by wearing masks and using hand sanitiser.

Staff in the school are also taking part in a fun challenge and each faculty is dressing up as a theme, if you want to try and win house points see how many faculties you can guess and a google form will be sent out after Friday so you can submit your answer!

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