Daily Bulletin Thursday 12 November

Daily Bulletin Thursday 12 November

Remembrance week.

Each day the Interact group are sharing a story from the ‘The great war’ and following conflicts.  For 102 years we have remembered those that we have lost.  These are just a handful of examples but we have been moved by learning about each of them and their bravery.

our 4th story:

Stubby the war dog:  Stubby was found as a stray during a military concession in 1917. One soldier called Corporal Robert Conroy adopted the dog and named him Stubby because of his short tail. When Conroy was going to the front he couldn’t leave Stubby behind and smuggled him on the transport ship to France.  Stubby worked very hard in the trenches he warned the soldiers of gas attacks with his good sense of smell. He tracked down injured soldiers and stayed with them until the stretcher bearers came too pick up the injured. While in the firing lie, Stubby got hit by shrapnel while trying to help some injured but he survived and received a lot of medals. Conroy made him a custom jacket to carry all his medals Stubby survived the war!

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