Book Week Scotland – Monday 16th November

Book Week Scotland – Monday 16th November

Below is the link to the Book Week Scotland author line-up of virtual pre-recorded talks.  This year the Library Service has decided to focus on crime authors (2 of which are journalists – non-fiction and fictions writers) as this is our most borrowed genre (over 150k titles borrowed in the last 18 months).


The link provides a brief introduction to the authors, their careers, links to their social media should anyone wish to follow etc. along with members of the library team reading excerpts from their books (these can be accessed now).


The actual talks will be released daily from Monday 16th November at 2.30pm each day on the Live Life at Home link (as per below).  Starting off with local author Eric R Davidson on the Monday, followed by Jane Eddie, SG MacLean, Douglas Skelton, Theresa Talbot and Carol Ramsay.  We also have local storyteller Jackie Ross telling 2 legends, these will be released on Sunday 22nd.


The talks will be remaining on the web page for the week of BWS and the following week too.

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