Daily Bulletin Friday 13 October

Daily Bulletin Friday 13 October

Remembrance week.

Each day the Interact group are sharing a story from the ‘The great war’ and following conflicts.  For 102 years we have remembered those that we have lost.  These are just a handful of examples but we have been moved by learning about each of them and their bravery.

our 5th story:

Captain Eric Brown is a RAF test pilot who has won numerous ribbons and medals for his bravery in being a test pilot and being a spy… in 1935 he enlisted in the RAF and by 1940. He test flew over 250 different planes and he got a telegram from the top man saying he should go undercover as a spy in Germany as they thought they were up to something. It turns out, they were right. He became friends with Germany’s top test pilot and his life was saved by such pilot.  He captured over 500 critical pieces of intel which helped pivot the war in the Allies direction.  Unfortunately, his German test pilot friend didn’t make through the war having been shot down over Normandy in the late days of July 1945.

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