Build Your Future Construction Challenge

Build Your Future Construction Challenge

Alford Academy took part in an exciting opportunity called “Build your Future Construction Challenge”. The aim of the challenge is to raise the profile of the construction industry and to highlight the range of exciting and rewarding career opportunities that are out there.  The challenge was a huge success and pupils came away with a better understanding of what a career in construction looks like, and hopefully a bit of inspiration to pursue a career in construction in the future.

The event is a competition between other schools in Aberdeenshire and today pupils who had shown an interest took part in a virtual Construction challenge. They heard from local construction partners to find out and ask questions about the construction sector and took part in 3 challenges. A pupil who took part in the challenge said “ We were working as a team to design our own house. It had to be a 4 bedroom house with an upstairs, downstairs and double garage. We had to design the size and shape of the rooms and the event was really good fun”.

Mrs Munro who facilitated the event said “ The workshop this morning was very successful. The pupils enjoyed it, while still finding it to be a challenge. The activities were fast-paced and highlighted some real-world challenges that people in the industry face every day. Most interesting was the difficulty the pupils had in agreeing on the right candidate for a job, and in identifying reasons to justify their choice of applicant. When it came to the architectural drawing activity, pupils learned about all the factors that need to be considered when designing a family home. While the team finally agreed to submit plans that had all the features of a house – the right number of rooms, doors, windows, aspect, and the neighbours, to name a few – it was at the expense of a really beautiful shape for a house, which proposed a fantastic, huge, millionaire’s picture window that would overlook the city. All the pupils left the workshop feeling inspired and energised about the employment options available to them in the working world”.

The team did extremely well and are now in the final which takes place in January 2021. Well done to all pupils involved.

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