Thursday 18th March 2021 : Celebrating Neurodiversity Week 15th – 21st March 2021


Dyslexia is a complex condition causing an individual to process information differently, particularly around reading, writing and numbers. It does not negatively impact your level of intelligence but simply means that you learn differently.

People with dyslexia see the world differently and this unique perspective allows them to be creative and ‘think outside of the box’, finding inventive ways to solve problems.

Some of the worlds richest people are dyslexic and credit their difference for helping them to achieve this….they believe that being dyslexic is in fact an advantage.

To find out more about what it’s like to be dyslexic, pupils can access the resources on the ‘Dyslexia’ page which is a subpage of ‘Equality and Inclusion’ on our pupil support site, which can be accessed via the tile on the GLOW Launch pad.

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