Daily Bulletin – Tuesday 18th May

Daily Bulletin – Tuesday 18th May

As you may be aware, there is a Time Capsule Project being put together by Alford Academy and Aberdeenshire Council.   For our submission, we would like pupils to each select one piece of work from this year that they are proud of to be photographed. The phone will be sealed in the Aberdeenshire Time Capsule and when it is opened people will be able to see what schooling was like in 2020/21.   Use some of the time in SDA/Clan to think about what piece of work you are proud of, from any subject, and (if possible) collect it / give it to your SDA or Clan teacher.   If you cannot do so, please bring it in the next time you are in Clan/SDA.

Mr Walker will come around on the 25th of May taking photographs of the work that has been handed in to go to the Aberdeenshire Council Time Capsule.   Anything handed in after that will be able to go into the Alford Academy Time Capsule, but will not be part of the Aberdeenshire Council Time Capsule.

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