University of Glasgow Open Day and Software Engineering Course

University of Glasgow Open Day and Software Engineering Course

We realise it is still early the new academic term and everyone is settling in but we are keen to give you a quick heads up on 2022 opportunities on the UofG Software Engineering Graduate Apprenticeship (GA).

It would be great if you could share this information across your DYW schools and college community so they can cascade to fellow educators, students, parents and carers. Thank you for your support.

 Good to know about the GA:

  • We flex on our entry standard grades (Bs not As) and offer a bespoke HNC/D route
  • Our 8-week on campus block learning creates a strong student experience
  • because the degree is combined with a job it is a great opportunity for students who are ready to work and learn, and those for whom a salary will enable them to continue their education.

What next for 2022 intake:

UofG Open Day (online) – 2nd September at 5pm
Our Programme Director, Dr Matthew Barr, will be holding an online information session focused on the Software Engineering Graduate Apprenticeship, with the opportunity to ask questions, as part of the university Open Day. Everyone welcome. Please share this registration link with your community.

Online Information Sessions
We will be running online information sessions from the Autumn onwards to explain how the GA works, the benefits to students, and how to apply. These will be aimed at school/college students, teachers, and parent/carer community.  If it is considered safe to do so we would love to invite students on campus too. More details to follow.

Schools, Colleges and Clubs visits
The GA Team are keen to make school/college visits or organise bespoke online sessions for a specific community or organisation. Information on our Software Engineering GA is especially relevant from S4 upwards for students whose interests and aptitude include Maths, Sciences and Computing Science.

More resources
Details of the Software Engineering Graduate Apprenticeship programme can be found here.
Details of how the GA promotes diversity and employer partnerships can be found here.

Any questions at all, please contact me at

Thank you for helping to spread the word of the opportunities offered by Graduate Apprenticeships

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