Alford Academy S5 Horizons – A visit from the British Army

Alford Academy S5 Horizons – A visit from the British Army

Alford Academy hosted a visit from the British Army on Tuesday who delivered a variety of activities and experiences to our S5 Senior pupils. As part of our Horizons programme, the Army shared career opportunities available in the armed forces including: Electrical / Mechanical Engineering, Medicine, Sports, Catering, Logistics, Construction, Telecommunication, Business/Admin and Training through Apprenticeships to enter a trade.

There were team building activities where our pupils designed and constructed a wheelbarrow to race through a slalom course. It was a fun activity where pupils worked closely with peers not necessarily in their friendship group. It was clear to see skills developing where communication and confidence grew as the task progressed.

A spokesperson for the Army stated: “This is one of the best schools we have worked with across Scotland. The pupils today were fully engaged, polite, listened well to the instructions and tackled all of the tasks”.

All the pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day. We witnessed pupils who were really apprehensive first thing in the morning but were laughing and joking with their team whilst getting the task done. The pupils certainly developed a range of key skills, transferable for the future.

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