Alford Alumni – Reaching out to ex Alford Academy pupils – Career Education

Alford Alumni – Reaching out to ex Alford Academy pupils – Career Education

At Alford Academy we are actively trying to improve our career education to inspire young people about their future careers. With so many new opportunities and pathways available to our young people, we are continually looking at ways to educate our pupils about jobs and careers throughout a variety of sectors.

We would like to use the expertise of our Parents and Carers to share their experiences, pathways and skills they use everyday in their careers to inspire the next generation.

At Alford Academy pupils have created a working group called “Alford Alumni”. They would be very interested in hearing the stories and pathways from ex Alford Academy students, to find out where they are today, what job they are currently doing and how they got there.

If you are an ex Alford Academy pupil and would like to take part, please complete the google form questionnaire which can be accessed via the link below.

We would really appreciate a short video clip, if willing, to share your pathways and perhaps talk about the following themes:

  • Your name, year you left Alford Academy – What House were you in at school.
  • What was your favourite subject and activities / clubs you enjoyed or attended at school?
  • What is your job title, what do you do and what skills do you use.
  • What was your career pathway that took you to this job.
  • What subjects and qualifications did you get at school.
  • How do you go about getting into this line of work.
  • What do you enjoy about your work.

We would share these with our pupils during Horizons – A new programme designed to enhance career education and future pathways.

If you are willing to create a video, please upload these via WeTransfer and send these to the following email address:

Instructions to upload to We Transfer can be found  here.

Many thanks for taking the time to be part of our Alford Alumni, we look forward to hearing about the career pathways of ex Alford pupils.

Alford Academy Pupils – 2021

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