S1 Mathematicians are ‘blasting off’

S1 Mathematicians are ‘blasting off’

S1 pupils in Maths have had an excellent start to their academy journey and for the past three weeks have been taking part in a project centred around Black History Month and Space Week.  The pupils watched the film ‘Hidden Figures’ which is the story of 3 amazing black, female mathematicians who worked for NASA  in the 1950s, and their involvement in early space travel.  The pupils then carried out some research on one of the main characters in the film, or on Maths in the Past, Present and Future of Space Travel.

We have been really impressed with the conversations and understanding shown by the pupils, they have really engaged with the project, and we have had some really interesting responses to our questions about the film.

Pupils had a choice of how they wanted to present their research, and we have received a wide variety of, reports, powerpoints, posters and hand drawn artwork that pupils have used to share their research.  A small selection are shown below, we hope to find a way to share the learning wider after the October break.

Well done S1!!

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