S6 Horizons: Virtual Mock Interviews

S6 Horizons: Virtual Mock Interviews

Our S6 pupils took part in a Virtual Mock Interview with employers as part of their Horizon programme. We were delighted to virtually host employers from Neptune Oil and Gas, SubSea7, Mackie’s of Scotland and Acumen Financial who kindly gave up their time to interview our young people.

The event ran successfully and there was a real “buzz” when pupils came out of the virtual interview. The feedback from the pupils was extremely positive:

  • The experience was really good and it helped me prepare for a real interview. I was nervous at first but they didn’t make it awkward and I felt at ease.
  • They were really friendly and they gave me great feedback to work on. This was a really useful experience.
  • He was nice, calm and quiet, it was a useful experience because of the feedback and the environment of an interview. I was told to expand on my answers and talk about what I do at school more but really valuable to do as a practice.
  • The interview felt natural and they gave good advice.
  • The feedback I received was to draw more from my experiences and talk about my passions more. They made me feel really comfortable and less nervous. I will definitely use their advice when being interviewed in the future.
  • I found the whole process interesting and effective. It helped me get over my nervousness and I was able to get feedback on how to improve in a real interview.
  • I found this really useful because it gave me an insight into what a real interview would be like. I now feel a lot more confident and feel I would be much less nervous now I know what they are like and what employers are looking for.
  • It was good. I felt as if I was in a real interview and I felt relaxed. It is a good experience.

My thanks to all the employers who gave up their time to accommodate this valuable experience today. We are planning to repeat this event for our S5 pupils during Horizons and more information will be shared in due course. This will also be open to any S6 pupil who did not manage to take part today.

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