Celebrating Book Week Scotland 2021

Celebrating Book Week Scotland 2021

Celebrating Book Week Scotland 2021

This week to mark #BookWeekScotland, we ran a DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) session on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Upon hearing the tannoy, everyone across the school – staff and pupils alike – were invited to drop what they were doing, pick up their books and spend 10-15 minutes reading.

There is plenty of research that proves the benefits of reading not just to Literacy skills but also our health and well-being in terms of stress levels and emotional intelligence, and our general knowledge and understanding of the world. Book sales increased during lockdown, and that increase in reading is something we would very much like to encourage and continue moving forward, so watch this space for more DEAR sessions in the future as well as increased provision to read for pleasure across the curriculum…

As this was the 10th anniversary of #BookWeekScotland, it made sense that the theme was Celebration. Therefore, we asked our BGE pupils to create book recommendation bunting. Some beautiful work resulted in a colourful array of bunting with a vast selection of books for people to try both old and new. We will be working on getting it hung up across the school across the next few days for everyone to see.

A big vote of thanks goes to the Interact group who merged their Children In Need dress down day with #BookWeekScotland and invited us all to come dressed as our favourite book characters. It is safe to say that the pupils had not anticipated coming to school on Wednesday to be taught by Winnie-the-Pooh, a dinosaur, an Oompa Loompa, and Hermione Granger to name but a few!

Finally, a big thanks to all our staff and pupils who always rise to the occasion whatever it is. And remember reading is for life, not just for special occasions!

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