S1 and S2 Social Subjects

S1 and S2 Social Subjects

Recently, S1 have been working hard at home for their Social Subjects lessons.  They have been learning about early settlers in Scotland from the Palaeolithic to the Neolithic and were asked to use their knowledge of stone age shelters to create their own.  Some chose to build them out of natural materials and many designed their shelters using Minecraft.  An example of some of these are on display in the Humanities Department, but here are some photographs as a taster.













S2 have also been working hard in Social Subjects.  They recently completed a topic on Disease, where they were learning about The Black Death and Ebola.  For their topic assessment they were asked to produce a historical Scotsman news report on the arrival of the Plague in Edinburgh.  These are displayed in the department – please see photograph below.  The pupils worked hard to make the news reports look old by staining them and burning the edges.


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