Daily Bulletin – Friday 10 December

Daily Bulletin – Friday 10 December

Every day for 2 weeks we are sharing kindness tips for our project – S1 Study and Org.

Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echos are truly endless.

Send out a kind email or card.

Emergency Closure Drill: There will be an emergency closure practice on Tuesday 14 December between 10:45 and 11:10 am. This is where staff and pupils practice what would happen if we had to close the whole school during the day and send pupils home because of very bad weather or a power cut.

Before Tuesday there are two important tasks for pupils to do:

(1)  If you travel by bus you must have your bus pass with you every day – if you look at your bus pass you will see you have a number on it that starts SS604 followed by a letter eg SS604B, SS604D etc. This is your bus contract number and that will help you when we do an emergency closure.

(2)   Look out for the posters all around the school which tell you what room to go to in an emergency closure. Pupils from each bus are allocated to a classroom so you need to know your bus contract number in order to go to the right room. Pupils transported by parents and village pupils also have a special room to report to. Please go and find a poster and check which room you should go to before Tuesday, so you know where to go straight away when we do the practice. At the practice, when you hear the tannoy please take your bag and jacket and go quickly and quietly to your “bus” room. When you are in the room, the teachers will do some checks – please stay in your bus room until you hear a second tannoy message telling you to go to break (S1-3) or go back to your P3 class (S4s).


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