Kindness Pandemic

Kindness Pandemic

The S1 study and organisation class, with Mrs Anderson, have completed a kindness project based learning task to try and create a pandemic of kindness at Alford Academy as part of kindness week.   We worked in groups to think of ideas to do with kindness.  We also wanted to develop our organising skills and confidence by completing this project.

Our class had a discussion about kindness and what we could do to spread kindness around the school.  We had lots of ideas but we picked the best ones and also the ones we could do within the covid regulations.  We decided we were going to send staff a positive sticky note and leave it in their pigeon holes. We also left positive sticky notes on random lockers for the pupils. We designed signs to remind people to hold the doors open for each other and also researched and shared kindness tips and quotes in the school bulletin for 2 weeks.

The skills we learned during our kindness pandemic project were as follows:

We used teamwork when we wrote kindness tips for the bulletin. We used our numeracy skills when we counted all of the lockers and pigeon holes. We had to be confident when we asked the headteacher if we could put up our hand signs on the doors. We used our computer skills when using google docs when writing the blog, researching ideas and for making the questionnaire. We all worked creatively when we designed and drew our hand signs. Finally, we communicated with each other throughout the project to complete the work quickly and effectively.

Our questionnaire feedback included some really positive and heart-warming responses.  Some examples were that the positive notes made people feel  happy, energised, pleased, worthy, chuffed, excited, seen, and part of the team.   Some people thought the tips in the bulletin were very helpful as a daily reminder to stay positive, have courage and be kind.  One response said this was a nice idea by nice people and another thanked us for organising the project.  Reading all the feedback has made us overjoyed and proud of our project.

Remember and always be kind!

S1 Study and Organisation.



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