Daily Bulletin – Wednesday 9 February

Daily Bulletin – Wednesday 9 February

Children’s Mental Health Week : 7-13th February 2022 – ‘How Far You’ve Come’

All of us face uncertainty at times and have to adapt and change in order to cope with the challenges we face.  Whether it’s unexpected assessment results, power issues or a change in circumstances it is important that you use your coping skills and resilience in order to continue to make progress towards your planned goals.

When faced with uncertainty you can:

  • Be kind to yourself
  • Ask others for help
  • Focus on the small steps you have already achieved
  • Identify an achieveable target that you can work towards
  • Celebrate the successes

You will find further information on ‘Time to Talk, Anxiety, Self Harm, Mental Health Tips and Dealing with Uncertainty in our Mental Health Awareness Display which is on the windows opposite the Theatre as well as our short video which is playing on the screens around school and on our social media platforms.

(MH Peer Educators)

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