Family Learning : Tips to help children stay safe online

Family Learning : Tips to help children stay safe online








The internet is a great resource for our kids. It’s a place to learn, to play, to create and to connect. But there are some risks and dangers on the internet too. And it’s totally normal to feel unsure about how best to help keep your child safe and secure online.

Parent Club’s new Child Online Safety campaign gives parents the tools they need to check and monitor what their kids are doing online. It provides parents with advice on how to talk to their kids about what they do online, how to agree boundaries, practical things to make the internet safer at home, and where to find further help if they need it.

Advice like:
Opening up about online safety. It’s important for parents to begin talking to their children about online safety on a regular basis. By doing so, and taking an interest in their child’s online activities, parents can help build trust and confidence with their child. This makes it easier, if something does go wrong, for children to feel comfortable and safe telling a parent or trusted adult.

Agreeing to boundaries. It’s tempting for parents to lay down the law when it comes to setting rules for their child’s online activities. Instead, parents should consider discussing the rules with their child and agreeing to boundaries together. This ensures their child understands the rules in place and can help them to better develop good habits and online behaviours as they get older.

Protecting your child online. It’s important for parents to be aware of practical ways they can help keep their children safe, such as adding safety measures to devices, streaming platforms, search engines and mobile and broadband providers.

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