Mackie’s Chocolate Bar Challenge

Mackie’s Chocolate Bar Challenge

S3 pupils have just finished the Mackie’s Chocolate Bar Challenge where, in groups, they had to carry out research on Mackie’s of Scotland and their competitors. They came up with an idea for a chocolate bar and pupils had to identify their target market, design the packaging, set a selling price, and prepare marketing material for the product.  They then presented their product idea to the class; each class chose a winner and the winning presentations were sent to Mackie’s to select an overall winner.  This year’s winners were Sophia, Penny, Adele and Madeline whose idea was a Bucks Fizz and Gold Leaf chocolate bar and gift set (non-alcoholic).  Mackie’s sent us presentation boxes of chocolate bars for each of the winning group but said that all entries were all excellent and of a very high standard.

Mrs L Taylor
PT Business Education and Computing Science

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