Daily Bulletin – Friday 11 March

Daily Bulletin – Friday 11 March

Astro Daily Use – 1.25pm – 1.55pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday only

A member of PE or SLT will unlock the astro at 1.25pm and will return to lock it at 1.55pm.

If there is significant misbehaviour/disrespect/littering at break time/start of lunchtime each day from pupils wishing to use the astro then it will not be opened at 1.25pm for that year group.

Responsibilities of all Astro users

  • Only enter the astro if you are playing football, i.e. no spectators should be in the astro
  • Each year group to play only in their area of astro (as detailed above)
  • Food should be consumed before entering the astro
  • If any litter is left in the astro, it is the responsibility of all pupils using the astro to ensure this is cleared by 1.55pm
  • Each year group is responsible for their astro pitch each day as detailed above, i.e. ensuring there is no litter left in and no damage to the facilities
  • If any user has a concern about the mis-use/behaviour within the astro during lunchtime, they must alert a member of PE or SLT immediately
  • Model school values of Respect and Kindness

Basketball club

Every Monday S4-S6 boys and girls – 4-5pm in the school games hall, please sign up with school sports co-ordinator.


Every Wednesday lunchtime in D061, 1.20-1.55pm.  Feel free to bring your own lunch.

Folk Band Rehearsals

Folk band Rehearsals will restart on Monday at 1.30pm.  This is for fiddlers of any age and stage as well as almost any other instrument but particularly ukulele, guitar, bass and drums.  It would be great to have all our senior fiddlers back to encourage the next generation of Alford folksters!  Speak to Mr Trueman or Mrs Hunter if you want to find out more and remember to pre-order lunch.

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