Comic and Sports relief 2022 by Interact

Comic and Sports relief 2022 by Interact

The senior Interact club also took part in the fundraising to support the National incentive for Comic Relief (or red nose day) and Sports Relief.  During the week 14th – 18th March the group led several activities to have fun and raise funds.  Sport Relief is now a year-round celebration linked with major sport events and partnerships throughout the year.  Comic is an annual event, returning every March across the UK.  We decided to combine both as we have already completed so much fundraising already this year.

On the last day we held a ‘dress up’ as your favourite sport, we asked pupils and staff to pay £1 to donate to Sports Relief.  We enjoyed seeing staff and pupils dressing in a variety of sports from football strips, team merchandise and sporty clothes.  Also Mr Wake helped to add some laughter to the building by telling jokes on Friday morning, this was brilliant and we are very grateful to him for making the time to help us.

Throughout the week Interact were helped by the PE department to run a variety of sports for both juniors and seniors during lunch break. The following were completed:

Monday – Hockey

Tuesday – Football

Wednesday – Capture the Flag

Thursday – Staff vs Pupils Dodgeball (seniors only)

Friday – Basketball

All sports will be to raise money for Sports Relief and we were delighted to raise £418.77.

What happens to our fundraising: (from

All year-round, the money donated to Comic Relief works hard to support some incredible projects making a change to people’s lives across the UK and around the world.  In fact, over the past two years, Comic Relief funding has helped to support 11.7 million people, including:

  • more than 750,000 people in the UK experiencing financial and material poverty to access advice and support.
  • more than 29,000 people who have experienced or are at risk of domestic abuse to access safe accommodation and specialist services.
  • more than 46,000 children and young people in the UK, and more than 8.1 million internationally.

We would like to thank everyone who helped the group with this project.  The Interact staff (Miss Lovelock, Dr Chirondojan and Mrs Rees-Jenkins) helped the group run the events.  The PE faculty were amazing and supported the organisation and the actual lunchtime events which couldn’t have happened without their help.  Mr Wake was brilliant in helping make the day fun.  Also Mrs Watt was critical in the advertising of the events.  And of course, thank you to all staff and pupils who got involved!

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