Parent Council Fundraising – Co-op Junior Membership

Parent Council Fundraising – Co-op Junior Membership

As Parent Council is one of the Co-op’s local community causes, fundraising for the Outdoor Space Project, the Co-op passed on information about Junior Membership (under 16s) which may be of interest generally and an opportunity to support our cause which runs through to October.

Co-op Junior Membership (under 16s)

If you’re younger than 16 you can become a Co-op Junior Member and earn rewards to spend or donate (you won’t be able to have a say in how the business is run or stand for election until you turn 16).   Your parent or guardian will need to apply by calling 0800 023 4708.

Co-op App

Use the app digital membership card to:

  • collect rewards each time you scan your digital membership card
  • spend your rewards or donate them to a local community
  • choose 2 personalised offers each week
  • select your local cause


Select your local cause

When you become a Co-op Member, you can choose a local cause to support through your membership. If you choose Alford Academy Parent Council as you cause, the Co-op will donate 2p in every £1 you spend at the Co-op to raise money for the Outdoor Space Project.  You can select your local cause under Membership in the app.

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