P7 Link Day – Developing Skills in Science

P7 Link Day – Developing Skills in Science

This Tuesday (10th May) Alford Academy welcomed almost 120 P7 pupils for their Link Day. For part of their time all pupils spent 90 minutes in the Faculty of Science, learning about safely and developing essential science based skills. These skills were then used for several different activities.

Pupils made colour changing crystals by accurately weighing out chemicals, making solutions and then mixing these to start the crystal forming process. Because of the chemicals used the crystals start to change colour when the temperature changes. Below are some pictures of some excellent crystals made on Link Day.

Pupils also constructed viewers that when placed on a phone screen can produce a 3D Hologram image. This required precision and accuracy in the construction process.



We hope that all the P7 pupils enjoyed their time at Alford Academy and within Science as much as the staff enjoyed meeting them all.

Faculty of Science, Alford Academy.


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