Daily Bulletin – Monday 23 May

Daily Bulletin – Monday 23 May

For all pupils going on RNAS Mackie’s Education Day – Monday 30th May.


You are expected to go to your class for the start of period 1 and be registered there. Then at 9am meet in the school reception area where you will be taken to the bus by your teacher leaders.

Do not go to the bus park first.


You are expected to attend in full school uniform, not sweatshirts/ joggers/leggings. Please make sure you bring a waterproof jacket with you as you are outside all day, and it may rain.


Please note you will be provided with lunch at the farm. If you prefer you can bring a packed lunch, but you will have to carry it with you all day. All foods can only be eaten in the allocated eating area. Ice cream will also be available on the day. You are not allowed to eat on the bus.


It is important that you wear watertight footwear like wellie boots as you will have to walk through a footbath with chemicals before you can enter the farm. You are advised to just wear your boots to school, or you would have to carry your belongings/shoes with you all day around the farm.


We suggest that you do not bring a bag to school that day (unless you need to bring your packed lunch) for your own comfort as you cannot leave it on the bus or drop it at the farm – you will have to carry your belongings with you all day. If you need to bring materials to class for the start of period 1 then leave it with the teacher in that classroom.

If you have any questions please come along and ask Miss Lovelock, Mrs Niven or Miss MacRae this week.


Book Club

Book Club is meeting on Monday in the library during lunch break to discuss A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder.

Library Assistant Wanted

We are looking for library assistants.  Pop into the library for more info.

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