Daily Bulletin – Monday 30 May

Daily Bulletin – Monday 30 May

Platinum Jubilee Kahoot

Join us in the Library on Wednesday 1st June at 1.30pm for a special Platinum Jubilee Kahoot.  There will be a wee prize for landing on the podium 😊.  Both staff and pupils welcome!

Smoothie Stall

A big thank you to the staff and pupils who supported the smoothie stall. We are really pleased to have raised £102 which will be donated to Aberdeenshire North Foodbank. This is a charity that provides emergency food and support to people in crisis in our local area.

Bus Buddies

If you have a P7 sibling coming in Link Week YOU will be their Bus Buddy.

Expectations of Bus Buddies, is to take a copy of their Timetable, take them to their 1st class each day and collect them 5 mins before the end of the day and take them to the bus.

We will also be coming round to let other pupils know if they are a bus buddy for a P7 this week and the same expectations will apply.


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