Daily Bulletin – Tuesday 27 September

Daily Bulletin – Tuesday 27 September

Active Schools

Hockey S1-6 – Thursdays – 3pm – 4pm – meet at PE

Please sign up through the Active Schools page. All players need to sign up to play. Search for the Active schools Alford page and then click on book activities button.


The book of the week is Lord of the Flies by William Golding – the winner of the Noble Prize in Literature.

Although the title has been awarded, it also happens to be one of many banned books in the USA .

I also have super exciting news for you – the books you have asked for (Good Girls Guide to Murder – all 3 volumes; a few of Agatha Christie’s novels, Alex Rider graphic novels, Theodore Boon series HAVE BEEN ORDERED 😊 Watch this space for updates).

Water Sports Residential Trip 2023

Any S1-3 pupils interested in a residential water sports trip to Aviemore in May 2023 please attend a short meeting on Wednesday 28th September at 1:30pm in D144.  Further information will be provided and letters for home will be handed out then. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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