MH Peer Educators : Peer Coaching Session Three

MH Peer Educators : Peer Coaching Session Three

Today we undertook our final session of the peer coaching programme. We focused on exploring the GROW coaching framework to support us to deliver a structured coaching conversation. We worked in pairs or trios to practice our coaching skills and are beginning to feel more confident in delivering our coaching questions.


We learned about emotional intelligence, our anxious brain and thinking traps identifying some strategies that may be helpful to overcome these e.g. calm breathing techniques, re-framing thoughts, catch it – check it – change it and the miracle question.  We practiced how to use problem talk to identify what challenges the individual might be facing and how they feel and used solution talk to help identify how they may be able to move forward and overcome the challenge.

We used our character strengths cards to identify what our signature strengths are and practiced how we could use these cards when working with a peer, with a focus on how they could use their strengths to find a way to deal with the identified challenge.  A huge thank you to Angie Shearer from Full Colour Coaching, we are looking forward to trying out our new skills with our peers in our role as Mental Health Peer Educators in the coming weeks.

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